typically asked questions

  • SHIPPING - I ship everything at the moment via USPS priority mail with tracking in the US, and I ship internationally using FED EX 3-day priority mail. I currently do not have any express options, but let me know ahead of time and we can work something out. if you are an international customer, please check your country's policies, you are responsible for any taxes or fees.

  • RETURNS/REPAIRS - if your pedal is broken when you receive it, I will gladly fix it for you. if you would be kind enough to return it in the same box as it was received that would be awesome. I cannot fix a pedal that has been damaged by you, or someone else. I have the right to refuse any repairs if I suspect tampering or see signs of basic wear and tear. if anyone besides me tries to repair the pedal this return offer is void. IF YOU WERE NOT THE ORIGINAL OWNER OF THE PEDAL, SOME FEES MAY APPLY AND PROOF OF PURCHASE MAY BE REQUIRED.

  • POWER REQUIREMENTS - All retroactive pedals use the standard 9vDC center negative power supply (think one spot, power all). your return offer is void if you blow up your pedal. I use diode polarity protection on all of my pedals to try and avoid this from happening, but you know ... if you're unsure contact me before powering up the unit.

  • TROUBLESHOOTING - contact me for troubleshooting tips if you're unsure, but instinctively check that your 1/4" cables are in working order, your volume is up, going direct from the instrument to pedal to amp when testing, the list goes on. Please contact me before you consider shipping the pedal back for repairs!

  • ARTIST ENDORSEMENTS - case by case basis, it is preferable to give me money however to keep making pedals. 

  • DEALERS - I currently do not have a distributor of any kind, all pedals can be purchased from the website.